About The Immigration Advisory Service

It takes one to know one  or so they say?
We aim to find out as much as possible about our clients, their lives, hopes and aspirations; in order that we can make their dreams come true. ‘Us’ knowing you allows us to offer what we firmly believe to be the most professional and exclusive relocation and immigration service available.

So it seems only fair that you get to know us really well too…

We love exploring. We love travelling and our collective experience has seen us travel to every continent on jet planes, boats and even rickshaws. Sometimes our travels were exhausting, exhilarating sometimes downright hard work and often humorous. Some of us stayed for years, forever or just a few days.

Between us we have lived, worked and played in many countries and been through the visa application pathway that you are considering; personally and professionally .Every member of our team has one thing in common. They made a choice to specialise in global immigration and international relocation and the complex legal and administrative systems of each country. That is why we have dedicated Country Specialists; they know the countries, the cultures, and the plus and minus list inside out. Simply, it means that every client speaks to a dedicated, real life person who loves their job!

The Immigration Advisory Service
Established for a number of years the Company has rapidly grown and evolved into one of the most trusted Migration, Relocation and International Employment Specialists. During 2013 The Immigration Advisory Service expanded its team aggressively through organic growth and corporate acquisitions. The Head Office Company was moved to the Isle of Man freeing up resources to integrate and nurture acquisitions – namely an already established dedicated Electrical Migration Company, a very successful team of medical migration specialists and a dedicated Global Teaching recruitment firm. There are many more acquisitions in the pipeline for 2014 which should see us take the #1 spot in terms of Global Migration reach.

Our Founding Ethos

The founder of The Immigration Advisory Service loves great service, making things happen and adventure. He set himself a task of providing a specialist relocation and immigration service with client care above and beyond his client’s expectations and exceeding all industry standards. He made a choice to move away from the ‘Bucket shop’; bad service for migrants thinking that so many Visa hot houses employ.

He developed a team of professional immigration advisers, each with a specific area knowledge. He knew that he wanted to help with both family and corporate relocations, especially those needing urgent assistance. He wanted everyone to have the same exemplary level of service, no matter what their situation. He wanted every client to feel important and understood, to have their life choices and plans taken into account; their skills evaluated by professionals and their dreams really listened too.

Having lived in many different countries, he wanted a service team who could help before, during and after your application is made. He wanted people to be available to assist with the really nitty gritty bits and the big bits (removals, schools, staff, investments and assist when local customs seem a bit on the strange side…another Bank Holiday??? Are you sure??!)

Let’s Get Started…

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and let’s work together to make your emigration dreams come true. After all, there really is no place, like a new home.