Canada Visa

Our Canada visa service

Applying for a Canada visa has steadily gained in popularity over the years and it’s easy to see why. A combination of a strong economy, security, top class medical care, ultra high educational standards and an enviable cost of living means that Canada is ranked as one the world’s top destinations for skilled migrants.

If you’re thinking about emigrating to Canada then you’re in the right place, our Canadian immigration service is one of the most comprehensive in the world.  We’re passionate about all aspects of Canadian immigration and help individuals and families to get there by developing tailored Canadian immigration pathways and we also provide corporate clients with a Relocation Service as part of  our Individual Canada Visa Service.

We provide a fixed-fee service which means that you won’t receive any nasty shocks, and we completely transparent about government fees for your security and peace of mind.

Our mission: to get you there first time

Canada visa policy is a dynamic and constantly changing arena with the Canadian government regularly adapting requirements to fluctuations and demands from the country and economy. Our specialist Canada visa immigration division will work with you to identify the correct visa pathway to migration and will be uniquely based on your individual circumstances. This means that your skilled migration route to Canada may consist of one, or a number of rolling visas on the journey to permanent residence.

As well as securing the right Canadian immigration visa, the following services are included at no extra cost:

  • We will create your very own Canadian Immigration Pathway
  • We can secure your Canadian immigration visa allowing you to live and work in Canada
  • Our Recruitment division should find you work in Canada
  • We can claim your tax back on your behalf when you leave your country
  • Our agents can arrange accommodation & airport transfers
  • Our shipping agents will treat you with care and respect
  • We can provide local SIM cards so you can stay in touch immediately
  • Our education agents will assist with Private Schools & Universities

What Canada visa is right for me?

As you can imagine every case is unique in its own immigration challenges and we will work with you to identify the correct route. We have significant experience with all Canada visa classes allowing you to eventually live and work in Canada with little or no restriction.

What about the paperwork?

We take care of all the form filling and bureaucracy, cutting through the red tape and liaising with the Canadian Department of Immigration on your behalf. We specialise in many Canada visa cases from the straightforward to the amazingly complex. Our knowledge of the Canadian visa process is second to none, affording you the time to plan the things that really matter in life.

Why use us?

With any visa application, it’s crucial that it’s right the first time as delays can be costly for you and for your family.  The complexity of the Canadian visa system means we always advocate consulting with an immigration specialist before applying – which is where we can help.  We work with you for the whole journey until you are settled in with your Canada visa and beyond, it’s this level of dedicated personal service that sets us apart.

As one of the world’s most trusted Canada visa, relocation and immigration service, our representatives have an enviable success rate when it comes to Canada visa applications.  Get your Canada visa started today by taking our free visa assessment, without obligation to find out which pathway is right for you.

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