Denmark Immigration

Whilst Denmark immigration is not at the top of every clients dream destination list this up and coming international skilled migrant destination is becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. The Danish education system is one of the best in the world and its citizens amongst the wealthiest per captita. This combined with a strong economy and plenty of employment opportunities (especially in IT and engineering) has meant that this relatively small country is fast gaining a great reputation as a skilled migrant destination.

Denmark Immigration & Visa Pathways

Migrating to Denmark either on a permanent residency visa pathway or on a shorter term visa can often be a complicated process. Thankfully the Country remains relatively free of the bureaucracy and red tape which we find in many of our other destinations. However, as migration applications are dealt with on an individual basis the prospective visa applicant must be able to demonstrate an affinity with the country, which is where our specialist Denmark immigration team excel. They will work with you from the moment you engage till you are settled in country.

What Denmark immigration options are open to me?

That depends on your individual circumstances and we will work with you to identify your unique immigration pathway. Yet broadly speaking the requirements of our clients fall into a number of broad categories.

Migration to be near family & partners

For skilled, internationally mobile people this reason is very common (and not just for Danish immigration). Many people move to be with their spouse or life partner under the Family Reunification visa class, which is a route actively engouraged by the Danish Government. It is worth noting that the progressive nature of the Danish legal system means that gay and lesbian partners can also be included in this application category.

What are the requirements for the Family Reunification visa class?

  • both partners must be 24 years old or more
  • they must both plan to live together after the visa has been granted
  • they must be able to prove a strong attachment to the country which is often the most difficult but rest assured our Danish specialists at the immigration advisory service will build you their best possible case

Applications for the Danish Green Card

This Denmark immigration pathway uses a traditional point’s score process which assesses an individual’s ability to secure employment and support themselves financially.

What is required for the Denmark Green Card?

  • clients must be able to demonstrate that they can support themselves financially for 12 months solely on money in the bank (current account or savings)*
  • there are certain education criteria
  • language skills
  • work experience and adaptability
  • a Danish education scores highly, as does language training and other cultural integration

*there is a big difference between demonstrating funds and actually using funds and our immigration specialists will explain the difference and work with you to find a solution

Denmark Work Visa

Aside from the Denmark Green Card there are three other skilled immigration routes into the Country. The Positive Skills list details all the job disciplines that are currently in shortage and the Corporate Scheme is a work visa class that allows companies to transfer essential staff to work in situ in a parent, subsidiary or sister company for a pre-determined period of time. The pay Limit Scheme allows those in higher salary brackets greater access to the Danish job market, providing the have a working visa.

Study in Denmark

There are many great opportunities to study in Denmark and the University system is ranked very highly in the Global rankings. Our unique student advisory service will work with you to secure your acceptance to study at a University in Denmark and then of course we will take care of all the paperwork leaving you free to focus on planning your life.

Whatever your eventual plans be sure to take our free visa assessment without obligation to see which aspect of Denmark Immigration you qualify for and to start the process without any further delay.

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