US Visa

The immigration advisory service has handled thousands of US visa cases over the past decade and worked around the complex and fluid US visa immigration policy. Our specialist US team will work with you on an individual basis to identify the correct US visa for your requirements. We will then work with you and the USCIS to build the strongest case, and present this case in the right way to the US Visa immigration authorities.

Should you wish to move to the US for a short term period as either a tourist or for business and your country of nationality is not on the US visa waiver programme you will need to apply for either a B-1 business US visa or a B-2 tourist visa. For those looking for a longer term visa pathway we can arrange your H1-B, L-1A and L-1B US work visa. If you are Australian you may of course apply on the E-3 visa class.

Specialist US Visa

Our dedicated US visa team handle many sensitive and highly confidential visa applications for actors and actresses, executives in the entertainment industry, TV personalities, athletes, diplomats and those with ‘extraordinary ability’ in the fields of science, art and education.

High Net Worth Individuals

We can open up another US visa class for HNW individuals as the United States has a very specific investment visa pathway which involves satisfying some mainstream investment criteria or establishing a business in the US. There are many investment vehicles set up for this purpose and as part of our service we will draw down the appropriate financial expertise from individuals regulated in the USA to provide this type of specific advice. These specialist class of US visas are valid for up to five years and are renewable indefinitely for the duration of the business.

Is there a US visa pathway for Students?

Yes, the F-1 and M-1 visas allow vocational students to undertake a course of study in the US and for post-graduation training and work experience; the J-1 visa is often an excellent option<

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What is the Green Card?

The ultimate aim of many of our clients is permanent residence – often referred to as a ‘Green Card’. Pathways to permanent residence will vary on an individual basis but are usually based on employment, investment, family ties and an annual lottery called the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Whatever your circumstances the immigration advisory service will work with you to identify the most appropriate US visa pathway. We will take care of all the legal paperwork and liaise with the immigration authorities on your behalf. Our service also includes relocation services and employment solutions, should you require.

The US Visa is often referred to as United States Visa or Green Card although it’s technical term remains US Visa.

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